FIRST FRUITS envisions a profitable, economically viable marketing and management development institution capable of providing excellent projects and services at the lowest possible cost.

We want to see the:

  • Entrepreneurs:  Self-reliance and sustained enterprise.
  • Workers, every citizens and family members: Have basic needs of life.


FIRST FRUITS shall undertake “social enterprise” that will pool talents, expertise and resources of various sectors in order to:

  • Facilitate in marketing and management of goods, products and services.
  • Establish the projects within the company, a greater capacity for resources development, operational planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Act as a resource center for commerce and trade on a wholesale and retail of goods, products and services.
  • Address the needs and concerns of business partners, workers and or family members by providing technical assistance, training, information and education and promoting linkages with all relevant institutions, agencies and organizations.