Welcome to First Fruits!

The nation’s first and only “social enterprise” of affiliate project management & development that will give an astonishing power of business opportunities through our “Business In Progress Likhang Pinoy Galing Pinoy System”.

The FIRST FRUITS Project Attaché Management & Development is a private but highly unconventional business enterprise that acts like a non-government organization.

The company leads in a dynamic and innovative projects and services through small group affiliatesthat eliminate poverty by working and partnering various sectors in the country.

The First Fruits Project Attaché Management & Development will:

facilitate the establishment and development of entrepreneurial
initiatives or resource of income that are self-reliance, sustainable
and economically viable through “social enterprise”


on the management & development processes of
an alternative entrepreneurial prospective


Innovative projects and services of trade, commerce
and industry while our company continuing to be a
successful business enterprise.

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